Journal Club

The MRSEC graduate students started a weekly graduate journal club in 2008 that attracts students from two colleges (Science and Engineering) and five departments (Physics, Chemistry, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering). This activity has been highly successful in keeping students at the forefront of global graphene research with the additional effect of training them as active participants in an important research area. Participating students think that the journal club has been very helpful in maintaining a sense of community, in addition to keeping them informed of the literature.  Journal Club meetings are held every other week on Friday, at 1:00 pm in Howey N202. 

View the Journal Article that will be reviewed at this week's meeting

DateJournalAdditional Resources
Thursday, December 18thLow-frequency 1/f noise in graphene devices 
Thursday, Novemeber 20thTailoring the Magnetism of Co Atoms on Graphene through Substrate Hybridization Supplementary
Thursday, October 16thSuperconducting proximity effect in long superconductor/graphene/superconductor junctions 
Thursday, October 2ndGraphene nanoribbon heterojunctions Supplementary
Thursday, September 18thHigh resolution study of structural and electronic properties of epitaxial graphene grown on off-axis 4H–SiC (0001) 
Thursday, August 7thOrigin of Anomalous Electronic Structures of Epitaxial Graphene on Silicon Carbide 
Friday, July 25thGraphene Barristor, a triode Device with a gate-controlled schottky barrierSupplemental
Wednesday, July 9thApproaching Magnetic Ordering in Graphene Materials by FeCl3 Intercalation 
Friday, June 27thHigh Electron Mobility in Epitaxial Graphene on 4H-SiC(0001) via post-growth annealing under hydrogen 
Firday, June 13thGraphene etching on SiC grains as a path to interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons formation Supplemental
Firday, May 30thEdge-states in graphene nanoribbons: a combined spectroscopy and transport study 
Friday, April 18thLow Carrier Density Epitaxial Graphene Devices on SiC 
Friday, March 28thEnergy Gap Induced by Friedel Oscillations Manifested as Transport Assymetry at Monolayer-Bilayer Graphene Boundaries 
Friday, February 26thAPS Talk Practice 
Friday, February 21stOrigin of Doping in Quasi-Free-Standing Graphene on Silicon Carbide 
Friday, January 31stScreening Charged Impurities and Lifting the Orbital Degeneracy in Graphene by Populating Landau Levels 
Friday, December 6thCoulomb blockade in graphene nanoribbons 
Friday, November 22ndStandardization of Surface Potential Measurements of Graphene Domains 
Friday, November 1stControl of Radiation Damage in MoS2 by Graphene EncapsulationSupplemental
Friday, October 18thDiscussion on Recent Research in Lab 
Friday, October 4thCharge-Carrier Screening in Single-Layer Graphene 
Friday, September 20thSilicene: Compelling Experimental Evidence for Graphenelike Two-Dimensional Silicon 
Friday, September 6thPuckering Stick-Slip Friction Induced by a Sliding Nanoscale Contact 
Friday, August 23rdSuperconductivity in Ca-intercalated epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide 
Friday, August 9thChemical mapping of a single molecule by
plasmon-enhanced Raman scattering
Friday, July 12thBiologically inspired graphene-chlorophyll, phototransistors with high gain 
Friday, June 28thCloning of Dirac fermions in graphene superlatticesSupplemental
Friday, June 14thSuppression of Electron-Vibron Coupling in Graphene Nanoribbons Contacted via a single atom 
Friday, May 31stVertical Graphene Base Hot Electron TransistorSupplemental
Thursday, May 16thThermoelectric imaging of structural disorder in epitaxial graphene 
Friday, May 10thFormation of high-quality quasi-free-standing bilayer graphene on SiC(0001) by oxygen intercalation upon annealing in air 
Friday, April 19thElectronic Screening in Stacked Graphene Flakes Revealed by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 
Friday, March 7thA Bottom-Up Route to Enhance Thermoelectric Figures of Merit in Graphene Nanoribbons 
Friday, February 22ndThin Film Barristor: A Gate Tunable Vertical Graphene-Pentacene Device 
Friday, February 8thSpatially Resolved Photocurrents in Graphene Nanoribbon Devices 
Friday, December 15thRevealing the Atomic Structure of the Buffer Layer Between SiC(0001) and Epitaxial Graphene 
Friday, November 30thDirect Extraction of Carrier Mobility in Graphene Field-Effect Transistor Using Current-Voltage and Capacitance-Voltage Measurements 
Friday, November 16thDirect Growth of Graphene Nanoribbons for Large-Scale Device Fabrication 
Friday, November 2ndHigh-Density Integration of Carbon Nanotubes Via Chemical Self-Assembly 
Friday, October 19thSurface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy on a Flat Graphene SurfaceSupplemental
Friday, October 5thLayer Number and Stacking Sequence Imaging of Few-Layer Graphene by Transmission Electron Microscopy  
Friday, September 21stWork Function Tuning and Improved Gate Dielectric Reliability 
Friday, September 7thGraphene Induced Surface Reconstruction of Copper 
Wednesday, August 21stThe Substrate Effect on Graphene Electron-Transfer Chemistry 
Wednesday, August 8thValley-based FETs in graphene 
Wednesday, July 25thDislocation-Driven Deformations in Graphene 
Wednesday, June 27thSpin Transport in High-Quality Suspended Graphene DevicesSupplemental
Wednesday, June 13thTransport/Magnetotransport of High-Performance Graphene Transistors on Organic Molecule-Functionalized Substrates 
Thursday, May 17thDirect Measurement of the Fermi Energy in Graphene Using a Double-Layer Heterostructure 
Thursday, May 3rdDirect Imaging of a Two-Dimensional Silica Glass on Graphene 
Thursday, April 19thEnhanced Carrier Transport along Edges of Graphene Devices 
Thursday, April 12thSi intercalation/deintercalation of graphene on 6H-SiC(0001) 
Thursday, March 29thNickel Carbide as a Source of Grain Rotation in Epitaxial Graphene 
Thursday, March 15thAtomic-scale transport in epitaxial graphene  
Thursday, March 7thAPS March Meeting Highlights 
Thursday, March 1stGraphene Flash Memory  
Thursday, Feb 23rdUnimpeded Permeation of Water Through Helium-Leak-Tight Graphene-Based MembranesSupplemental
Thursday, Feb 16thFirst-principles investigation of graphene flouride and graphane 
Thursday, Feb 9thSelective Etching of Graphene Edges by Hydrogen Plasma 
Thursday, Feb 2ndWetting transparency of graphene 
Thursday, January 26thPhonon-mediated superconductivity in graphene by lithium deposition 
Thursday, January 19thInterface structure of graphene on SiC(0001) 
Thursday, January 12thQuantum Hall Effect in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Friday, December 2ndExperimental Phonon Band Structure of Graphene using C12 and C13 Isotopes
Friday, November 18thNonlinear damping in mechanical resonators made from carbon nanotubes and grapheneSupplemental
Friday, November 11thThe Focusing of Electron Flow and a Veselago Lens in Graphene p-n JunctionsComments
Friday, November 4thUnusual infrared-absorption mechanism in thermally reduced graphene oxide