PREM Education Program

PREM Students from left to right: Kelly McAllister, Taurean Groover, Filmon Kiros

A new partnership has been initiated with the Atlanta University Center (AUC) to establish an integrated research, education, and student-mentoring program in order to increase the number of underrepresented students pursuing graduate degrees and to increase their overall participation in the field of materials science and engineering. The key features of the proposed partnership include: (1) establishing research collaborations between AUC and GT faculty, postdoctoral associates, and graduate students; (2) strengthening the research and education infrastructure of AUC; (3) providing research opportunities for AUC undergraduates during the academic year; (4) providing summer research experiences for AUC students at GT through the collaborative research program; (5) organizing workshops, seminars, and annual symposia at AUC and GT and disseminating results at professional meetings and conferences; and (6) developing and hosting summer research institutes for high school teachers.

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