Professional Development

GT Women's Resource Center Announcing a New Coffee Talk Series for Undergraduate and Graduate Women Studying Math, Science and Engineering!


Women in Engineering (WIE) and the Women's Resource Center (WRC) will be co-hosting a brand-new Coffee Talk Series this spring for undergraduate and graduate women majoring in STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  The series will be held in the Clough Commons Lounge (Room 205 next to the Starbucks) on Thursdays from 2:00 -3:00 PM starting in January and continuing monthly through April.  


1st Thursdays:  Coffee Talk about Career Prep
Each month, COE women are invited to stop by throughout the hour to ask questions about anything job related including how to improve their resume, how to prep for interviews, or how to conduct a job search.  These coffee talks will start with a short 15 minute talk on a career-related topic: February 2nd:  Writing a professional resumeMarch 1st:  How to interview effectivelyApril 5th:  Networking Tips


2nd Thursdays:  Coffee Talk for STEM Women of Color
Each month, graduate women of color will lead this hour which will be a chance for both undergraduate and graduate women of color to come together to share your unique experiences as minorities in your various STEM fields. 


3rd Thursdays:  Coffee Talk with STEM Female Faculty
Each month, we'll invite a different female STEM professor to share their story and to offer advice on how to succeed as a female engineer, scientist or mathematician.  This will be your chance to meet various female faculty members in an informal setting and to ask them questions that you’re never able to ask in the classroom!



4th Thursdays:  Coffee Talk for COE Graduate Women
Each month, graduate women studying engineering are invited to have the unique opportunity to gather to meet women from all engineering disciplines here at Georgia Tech to share their research and academic experiences as well as to get to know one another on a personal level.